From the Pastor




CELEBRATE – On Sunday morning, we will gather for a celebration of God’s faithfulness.  On February 14, 2010, we moved into our new facility.  The ground was covered with snow and it was very cold.  Nevertheless, we enjoyed a great day of worship and celebration.  On February 10, 2019, we received enough money in our designated Building Fund offering to pay off the remaining indebtedness on this facility.  That is reason to celebrate.  We will gather at 10:00 a.m. on Sunday for a single morning worship service.  I hope you will be able to be a part of this service.

NEXT STEP – A scene from a movie comes to mind as I think about the next step.  The intrepid adventurer stands before a vast, bottomless chasm.  It is only as the adventurer steps out toward the abyss that a rock pillar rises to receive his step.  That continued as he made his way to the other side.  Faith is the willingness to take that next step when you have discerned the Lord’s leadership.  The service on Sunday will be a reminder that God has provided next steps all along our way.  He will continue to do so as we seek Him and trust Him.

Bro. Clint