From the Pastor


DAVIS, CLINT; (Staff)148

CHRISTMAS – The season brings events and opportunities that are unique to the season.  Last night’s musical presentation by our choirs and orchestra was one such event.  The packed auditorium was an encouragement to all who had prepared to lead out in this service.  We are blessed with a wonderful group of people who are willing to use their talents and abilities in worship and ministry.  It was a great blessing.

CHRISTMAS – Each Sunday during Advent, I enlist the help of one of our children to light the appropriate candles in the Advent wreath.  The look of innocence and wonder in the eyes of the children is a precious gift that I treasure.

CHRISTMAS – The message that we are able to share during this season is not a seasonal message.  It is a message for life. It is a message for those who are struggling with the day to day details of life.  It is a message for failure and success.  It is a message for the lonely and discouraged.  It is a message for the harried and busy.  It is a message for individuals and families.  This is a wonderful season.  Make plans to continue to share in it.

Bro. Clint