From the Pastor




WAIT – Waiting is not one of my spiritual gifts.  I am better at times.  I fail miserably at others.  Waiting requires patience and watchfulness.  Waiting is not just sitting and doing nothing.  It is continuing to do what you know to do while you watch and wait for direction.  The progress on our new building has been slow.  I know that is frustrating to many of you.  I wish the building were completed and ready for use.  In the last few months, we have encountered a variety of circumstances that have prompted us to wait.  The next step will be a capital fundraising campaign.  We have a great plan.  The Building Committee and our architects have done a great job.  The capital campaign will provide an opportunity for all of us commit to underwriting this project.  Begin to pray about your involvement.  Ask the Lord for His clear direction.  We will keep you informed about progress toward the campaign.

DON’T WAIT – Don’t miss an opportunity to be involved in one of our Bible study opportunities on Sunday morning.  We have a great corps of Sunday School teachers for every age group.  Don’t miss an opportunity to participate in worship on Sunday and Wednesday.  These opportunities fuel our souls for life.  When the church gathers for worship, fellowship, and study, it is a beautiful sight.

Bro. Clint