From the Pastor




WHAT’S NEXT? – As a student, I looked forward to the next holiday.  Thanksgiving ended and we waited for Christmas.  Christmas faded and we looked forward to the Easter break.  Easter became a memory and we anticipated the last day of school.  Long stretches of time were spent enduring the tedium of the ordinary while we waited for the next break.

WHAT’S NEXT? – If we are not careful, we can waste valuable time waiting for the next “big event.”  Vacations, trips, celebrations, ball games, competitions, and conventions are fun, but they are infrequent.  Most of life is lived in between these big events.  Fortunately, God shows up in the ordinary and the extraordinary.  Don’t become so engrossed in your anticipation of the next thing, that you miss God in the present.

WHAT’S NEXT? – Pray for our Minister of Youth Search Committee as they continue their work.  They have been working on a job description and a questionnaire for prospective candidates.  They are making good progress.

Bro. Clint