From the Pastor


DAVIS, CLINT; (Staff)148


ALREADY? – I was making one of my infrequent strolls through a local big-box store and was amazed that the school supplies were already front and center.  The lists have been published and the early-bird parents were scarfing up the items on the list.  They are going to be ready for the start of a new school year.

READY? – Are you ready?  Jesus told a story about ten virgins.  Half of them were wise and half were foolish.  Half of them were ready for the bridegroom’s appearance and half of them were caught off guard.  The point of Jesus’ story was that His disciples need to live ready.

READY? – How does that work?  We need to be ready with the truth.  The truth of God’s Word is our protection and our tool for life.  We need to be ready with good stewardship.  When we waste time, opportunity, and resources, we lose precious commodities.  Pray, plan, and prepare.  Be in close fellowship with the Lord.  Be prepared to respond to the prompting of the Holy Spirit.  God is at work.  He has a plan for us individually and collectively.  Be ready.


Bro. Clint