From the Pastor


DAVIS, CLINT; (Staff)148

A COMPELLING CASE – Our 2017 Vacation Bible School is over – in some ways.  It is a lot quieter around the building this Monday morning.  The week of Vacation Bible School was exciting and rewarding.  Many seeds were planted and the harvest will come.  Lives are being changed.  Praise the Lord!  Our building swelled to its capacity.  We used every usable space every day.  I was reminded again that we need to expand our physical facility.

A COMPELLING CASE – Our Building Committee is in the early stages of its work.  They are in the process of hearing the information that was gathered by our Long Range Planning Committee.  They are going to be looking at some buildings that have features we like.  I have appreciated the approach of this committee.  They are asking the right questions.  They want to make sure we have a building that is a tool for reaching our ministry goals.  They want to make sure that we understand those goals.  Pray for this group as they get under way.  We will keep you posted.

A COMPELLING CASE – Our present ministries and programs and our goals for the future combine to create a compelling case to build.  Pray for sensitivity as we follow the Lord’s leadership in this journey.

Bro. Clint