From the Pastor


DAVIS, CLINT; (Staff)148

TRICK PLAY – Many football teams have a trick play or two in their repertoire.  Many of those plays involve the element of deception.  With movement or strange formations, the offensive team seeks to create confusion.  Sometimes, the play works.

TRICK PLAY – Satan is wise enough to know that he cannot steal our salvation.  He cannot change our eternal destiny.  He knows that.  He also knows that he can accomplish much by distracting us.  He is wily.  He knows the things that catch our eye and captivate our heart.  He uses them to distract us from God’s best.  Keep your head in the game.  Don’t get caught up in something that takes you away from the most important part of your life.  Commit daily to living a life of holiness in Christ.

REMINDER – Take the time to prayerfully consider your nominations for men to serve as deacons.  The deadline for submitting those nominations is Sunday October 1.

Bro. Clint