From the Pastor


DAVIS, CLINT; (Staff)148

GRATEFUL – I am grateful to be back home.  The opportunity to travel to Greece was a tremendous blessing.  We often feel like we are living in the worst times ever.  The Apostle Paul stepped into many situations that were as bad or worse than any we have ever seen.  The Lord led him into numerous situations that were extremely difficult and antagonistic.  Yet, he persevered in sharing the Gospel and his story.  The Lord blessed and the church was planted in community after community.  I have been encouraged and reminded that we must be faithful in our efforts to exalt Christ.  We can trust the Holy Spirit to bless our obedience in being faithful witnesses.

GRATEFUL – I am grateful for our church.  God is at work.  We can see Him moving among us.  I look forward to our times of worship.  I rejoice in reports from Sunday School classes where the Word is being taught and ministry is taking place.  I am grateful for your involvement in our community.  Truly, you are being salt and light.

GRATEFUL – The door of opportunity is wide open.  This is not a time to recoil or retreat.  Let’s move forward together.

Bro. Clint