Global Impact Pie Chart

Global Impact Offering


The Global Impact Offering of First Baptist Church is received on a regular basis from members and friends of FBC.  Members are encouraged to make giving to missions a regular part of their stewardship.  Experience shows that when giving to missions becomes a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly gift, the amount given to missions grows exponentially.  Encouraged to be given above and beyond one's tithe, this fund provides money for a variety of mission opportunities.  Here is the current breakdown, by percentage, of the missions affected by this fund:

Lottie Moon (International) ~ 47%

Annie Armstrong (North America) ~ 19%

Mary Hill Davis (Texas) ~ 13%

Harmony/Pittsburg Baptist Association ~ 7%

Mission Trips ~ 7%

Benevolence ~ 7%



Annie Armstrong:  This annual offering, received each Easter, provides funds for missionaries serving in North America. For more information, go to

Lottie Moon:  This annual offering, received each Christmas, provides funds for missionaries serving around the world.  For more information, go to

Mary Hill Davis:  This annual offering, received each September, provides funds for mission work in the state of Texas.  For more information, go to