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"Amidst all of the concerns regarding COVID-19, I have been in contact with Joy Gring, who coordinates our mission in Guatemala.  In consultation with Dr. Cojon, the local physician who helps run the clinic, they have made the decision to cancel ALL of the clinics for 2020.  Therefore, we will NOT be going to Guatemala this year--the first time in about 15 years that we will not be sending a team.

Thank you all for your prayers and support. Our shipping crates did arrive and will be stored in a dry area until our arrival next year. Many of you have given items for the trip and they as well will be kept in a safe place until our trip next year. Please continue to pray for the people not only in Guatemala but around the world. As to date no cases have been reported in Guatemala but there are some in neighboring countries and thus they expect cases to appear there in the future. Dr. Cojon the local physician is doing what he feels best for his people." 

Bro. Bil


Guatemala Medical Mission Trip:  Each June, a team of doctors, nurses, dentists, dental hygienists, translators, and support staff travel to San Raymundo, Guatemala, to operate a medical clinic/hospital.  Participants pay their own way, and First Baptist Church helps provide medical supplies and medicines.  By caring for their medical and dental needs, many people come to know Christ.  For more information, contact Dr. Jerry Stagg or Bro. Bil Barkley.


Bro. Bil Barkley

Guatemala Trip Coordinator



Dr. Jerry Stagg

Medical Chief of Staff

2019 Guatemala Medical Mission Stats

Clinic Patients – 1,053

Surgeries Performed – 66

Prescriptions Filled – 2,489

Lab Procedures – 547

Ultra Sound Procedures – 199

Physical Therapy Patients - 73

Dental Patients – 201

Dental Hygiene Procedures – 113

Bibles Distributed – 457

Professions of Faith – 192



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