Richard Chandler, Minister to Families
Richard was born in Fort Worth on November 4, 1974, and moved to Houston in 1977 where he was raised. At the age of 8 Richard asked Jesus to become his Lord and Savior and at the age of 15 felt the Lord leading him into full-time ministry.
This call led Richard to Howard Payne University in 1992 upon graduation from high school. At Howard Payne Richard not only got a degree in Art, but he also met Crystal who would become his wife on June 1, 1996.
After Richard graduated from Howard Payne, he worked as a migrant teacher’s aid at Coggin Elementary School for two years while waiting for Crystal to graduate with her degree in Art Communications. One month after Crystal graduated in ’98 their first child (Paul) was born (June 15, 1998). Three days after that joyous event they moved to Fort Worth where Richard would attend Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.
At the Seminary Richard worked for the campus Architectural and Engineering Department while gaining a Master of Arts degree in Christian Education with a concentration in Childhood Education and Communications. Before completing this degree Richard & Crystal would add two more children to their family: Lily, born October 25, 1999, and Sam, born September 5, 2001. When Richard completed the seminary he was called to serve as the Minister to Families here at First Baptist Church in May of 2005. The fourth and final addition to his family, Rose, was born here in Mount Pleasant on September 30, 2005.
Last Published: January 18, 2019 11:58 AM